Welcome to The Devil’s Pod

The devil’s pod is one of the names of the water caltrop. Which appears in my Chinese name, 蔆, ling4. 
In ancient Greek, “devil” comes from διαϐάλλω. To throw in-between, to divide, separate.
The Devil’s Pod is a place of experiment where I bring together places, roles, histories, people, languages, joys as well as wounds.
It’s a journal of thoughts I started writing to feed an upcoming series of essays to be published in late 2021 where I will tell about my experience of getting to know a part of myself that remained obscure for a very long time and which I inherited from my father. He was born in Hong Kong and moved to France in the 70s, where I was born and grew up, mostly unaware of my Asian heritage.
I hope this is a journal for all who exist in-between; whether places, cultures, communities… and that together we can talk about lost languages, secrets, new encounters and meet the stranger that lives within ourselves.
The Devil’s Pod kicks off this spring with my impressions of staying in Hong Kong for six months between January and July 2021 while being part of the theatre project A Tidal Home. Welcome.

About me
I’m a writer and a playwright. I write primarily in English, my first language is French and German my third one. I’m currently learning Cantonese, another family language.
To know more: www.marieyan.com

This trip was made possible thanks to the support of the Crossing Borders // Grenzgänger Programme.

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